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Church History

The Beginning...

Churchill Family 1972

In June 1972, Pastor Churchill and his family came to Lewiston to start the United Pentecostal Church. Their first service was held in their living room with just their family.

Thornes Corner Grange Hall 1972

They rented Thornes Corner Grange Hall on Sabattus Street and had services there for three months, after which the building was closed due to the fuel crisis.

Sylvan Avenue 1973

Next was a building on Sylvan Avenue owned by the Community Little Theater. That building was closed a year later due to the fuel crisis.

Bilodeau Hall 1974

The next building was what was known as the “Old Bilodeau Hall” on Birch Street in Lewiston where they held services for three years.

New Church Buildings...

Church Built 1978

In 1976 began the construction on the present church building at 715 College Street on land that was donated to the church. The construction of the present church was finished in 1978.

Church Building 2001

In 2001, a new building was constructed in back of our current building to hold offices, a commercial kitchen, fellowship hall and restrooms.

New Pastor...

Church Building 2001

In 2016, Pastor Churchill retired and Pastor Little was installed as the new pastor.

Calendar of Events

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